About Chester Barrie
Chester Barrie is a modern Savile Row brand offering contemporary English tailoring to men who are looking for suits with style and personality.

Favoured by gentlemen who know that they need to look their best when it matters most, Chester Barrie is often seen on the red carpet, most notably at the Olivier Awards, and is also the suit of choice for English rugby team Leicester Tigers. Male supermodel David Gandy has become a big fan of the brand, while actors as diverse as David Harewood, Hugh Bonneville and Mark Gatiss have all visited the Savile Row store.

Chester Barrie was founded in London in 1935 by Simon Ackerman. Based in the US, Ackerman visited London regularly, and inspired to create an English look for the American market, set up UK manufacturing locations with his sons Raymond and Myron. In the process they built a brand that is highly regarded the world over. Indeed, Ackerman was a pioneer on Savile Row, creating ready-to-wear tailoring with the look and feel of the best of bespoke

The name itself came from Ackerman's desire to have an English sounding moniker; Chester was derived from the Roman city of the same name, near where he had established his factory, while Barrie came from JM Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, whose name, Ackerman thought, sounded particularly English.

Chester Barrie opened its first store on Savile Row in 1937 and the business has maintained a presence there ever since.

The brand has Over 80 years of Savile Row tailoring history and customers have included Sir Winston Churchill, Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra, who were attracted by the brand's classic tailoring, beautiful fabrics and fine attention to detail. This continuing tradition and attention to detail and fine craftsmanship has seen the brand grow and today's clientele come from the varied worlds of business, finance, academia, and the arts.

Today, Chester Barrie operates a Made to Measure business, allowing customers to share in the design process, and create outfits that are unique and imbued with high standards. Made to Measure appointments in London can be booked by contacting Tel: +44 (0)7941877250