Ryo Ichihara
    Chief Executive Officer
    Appointed in April 2017
    I have only ever worked for the Itochu Group. I joined in 1989 and since then I have worked in a number of locations: Osaka, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, France (to study), Hong Kong, Tokyo and now Nottingham.

    What are you most passionate about in your role as CEO?
    I believe we need to "DESIGN the VALUE". Our strongest expertise is flexibility - we can do it utilising our group asset, our flexible idea and challenging action with the One teamwork in any tough and uncertain circumstance
    Dominic Walsh
    Group Finance & Compliance Director
    Joined in February 1999
    Previously -Chartered Accountant from a practice background with a focus on supporting and developing businesses across many industry sectors. My switch into industry has allowed me to have a direct impact on a business in a number of sectors including newspaper publishing, golf equipment and a courier business prior to joining Prominent.

    What do you most enjoy about working here? The culture and size means everyone has the opportunity to develop themselves, make a positive impact on the business and enjoy doing it. Which combined with having the global support of our parent company the Itochu Corporation allows us to be market leading.
    Jamie Scott
    Sales & Design Director
    Joined July 2006 and promoted to Sales Director 2013
    Previously: Worked at NI Teijin Shjoi GMBH

    What do you find most rewarding about your role?
    Developing the sales and design teams and seeing our finished product in stores performing well.
    Brian McAnulty
    European Operations Director
    Returned in November 2005 as Fabric Buying Manager and promoted to UK Ops Director in 2010
    Previously: Dewhirst Menswear, Coats Viyella Branded Menswear

    What 3 words would you use to describe Prominent?
    Inclusive: we aim to work collaboratively at all levels with colleagues, customers and suppliers
    Supportive: As an individual I have been lucky enough to experience the support of not only Prominent but the Itochu Group.
    Driven: At all levels we are fortunate to have colleagues and partners who are driven to succeed.
    Stephanie Samson
    European Divisional Managing Director
    Joined September 2014
    I rejoined Prominent in September 2014. But this time I was in Barcelona...Previously I was UK sales director based in London. Before that I was a senior merchandiser at Linmark in South Africa.

    What advice would you give to any new starters at Prominent?
    Prominent offers a demanding but exciting environment requiring commitment, team work and a lot of energy. You will be faced with meaningful challenges in an ever-evolving market where perseverance and initiatives are a must. We actively encourage new talent and fresh ideas. A warm welcome!